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Persuade - Uniforms - Koan

Congratulations Koan, who won the class writing competition. This is his tuck shop voucher winning piece:-

  • Write about the great benefits of having a uniform for your school
  • Write about how uniforms can be bad and go against it for a good reason
  • Have a good point and keep repeating words to make a good point
  • Use very descriptive words to make your point of view sound like the right view
  • Pay good attention to the success criteria, to make sure that you don’t miss out anything good in your piece of writing
  • Use a lot of language features like alliteration, Simile, metaphor, idioms, personification, extended metaphor.
  • Hyperbole, allusion, symbolism, synecdoche, metonymy.

Should school have uniforms
Schools should wear uniforms.  I believe that schools that have uniforms are the most successful school’s.  They’re the schools that stand out above the rest.  They’re uniforms represent who they are and it also binds all of the pupils together, because they are all showing pride.  Wearing a uniform creates a great vibe  where you get to represent your school at all times, much like a showcase.   It also makes you feel like you belong to the school.  The school and pupil are one.

Although having a uniform can be very enjoyable, it can sometimes be stressful for both the pupil and their families.  Uniforms are expensive items of clothing and the thought of having to wear the same piece of clothing everyday is a recurring nightmare for most. Even though some school uniforms can be expensive, research has shown that buying a school uniform for the year would actually help you save money in the long term.  This is because of the fact that you're not spending money on all sorts of different clothes throughout  the whole year.  Personally, I feel that wearing a school uniform promotes enthusiasm about going to school.  School uniforms are a super, sensational and superb way to show off your style.  I just enjoy the fact that I get to represent my school.  In a way it’s like I’m contributing to the school by wearing the uniform with strength, with mana.  Uniforms set an image for the school, an image of pride, honour and privilege.  A privilege that every student has each morning as they reach for their crisp ironed shirt.  The shirt waits longingly for it’s owner to wear with dignity. School uniforms promote the school's personality, and it also defines the school and it’s culture.  For example, if a New Zealand school had a uniform that had a kiwi or a fern on it, it would symbolize that that school is from New Zealand.  Every school is unique. Interestingly, if a school didn’t have a uniform, they probably wouldn’t stand out as much, and wouldn't be widely recognised.  A missed opportunity for some schools.  Wearing an emblem that symbolizes your school is like a soldier going to war emblazoned with the fern on his chest.   

According to Te Papa collection, uniforms first entered schools in the 1800’s and were designed to impose order as well as a sense of belonging.  Uniforms emerged from the military and were quite restricting in those times.  However, most schools these days have adopted a more comfortable and casual approach to their attire.  Sadly, the thought that uniforms were used to encourage Maori to be more civilised in the 1800’s, I am pleased that today Maori design and emblems are used as a sign of mana.  The use of korowai, kowhaiwhai, Maori values etc has strengthened the Maori cultural values in schools.  My own primary school went through the process of redesigning the school uniform to reflect the high numbers of Maori students.  On the Kawaha Point uniform they wear three koru that represent the school's’ new values - kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui!  I was extremely proud to wear that uniform and I did everything I could to live up to those values.  The same can be said for the uniform I wear at Rotorua Intermediate.  The shiny badges that hang proudly on my lapel, to the bands that wrap snuggly around my wrist.  All of which have been earned through hard work, and make me stand taller each and every day.  The Rotorua Intermediate uniform is the cloak that sits proudly on my shoulders.

School uniforms are essential.  Without them we are naked, laid bare with no place to stand.  Know what you stand for and honour those values.  The world would be a much better place if we all understood the value and meaning behind our own school’s uniform.  Whakapapa is important.

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